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Jacobsson Engineering Construction

Member:: Dan Jacobsson
72310 Varner Road Palm Springs, CA 92276 Work Phone: 760-345-8700 Website:


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Worry less, expect more. Much more

EXPERIENCE: For thirty years we’ve earned the kind of solid reputation that comes only from hard-won experience. Translation: you benefit from our longevity.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: We welcome the challenge of logistically complex projects that require creativity, communication and down-to-the-wire planning and execution. We have the workforce, heavy equipment, and necessary means to handle virtually any job. In today’s economy, that means a lot.

SERVICE: We take pride in responding to our customers’ needs precisely as they arise. Service is a 24 hour-a-day commitment. Just ask our customers.

INTEGRITY: If we say we’ll do it, count on it. We’ll make sure its right. Period.

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