July starts a new year for the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce.  New leadership, a few new board members, and a successful retreat under our belts.  Now it’s time to get started!  This year our program of work is going to add real value to your business.  Our amazing team has put together a well defined marketing plan that will be vital to your organization.  We are moving forward on our co-working space that will provide a refreshing, creative environment for everyone to collaborate and work together.  We defined who our members are, and how we serve them.  We also took time to have our Board of Directors put together a manifesto.  This gave them the opportunity to think about how they view the chamber and put those views into a few short words which will be added to a collage of thoughts for the year.  We are excited about the year ahead and we are anxious to see our program become part of our member’s success.


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