It’s the talk of the town!  Join us next Tuesday at Colony 29 – 5 – 9:00 pm.

A great way to start our season off with a bang!  It is not only a premier marketing opportunity for our local businesses, but a great showcase for new and exciting valley restaurants.  This one night event has over 75 local business and 35 local restaurants, beer and wine tasting, entertainment and a lot of FUN mixed in.  The Expo will take place Tuesday, October 11th at Colony 29 from 5 – 9:00 p.m.  Easy parking directions are on our website at   Catch the Buzz Trolly to this amazing luxury resort community right in the center of our downtown.  This is an event NOT to miss!  Tickets on sale for $25 which includes a taste of all our participating restaurants as well as beer and wine tasting.  You can purchase your tickets online or at the event.  For more information – 760-325-1577.


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