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Haven Kids Center

Member:: Yessenia Ledezma
1243 N Gene Autry Trail Palm Springs, CA 92262 Work Phone: 442-402-7015 Website:


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About Haven Kids Center

The owner Jessy and her husband George own four successful businesses and were working out in a parking lot during Covid- so they opened Haven one year ago April 1st. Haven was a labor of love for Jessy and as a mother of a 12 year old and almost 2 year old she was doing all opening process with a baby on her hip.

She was frustrated one day when she needed to get a lot done for the business and she wanted to spend time with her baby. She felt torn, exhausted and depleted. Jessy thought what if there was a place my toddler could go that was equally fulfilling?! We are so excited to share this beautiful center with you all.

George built Haven as a love letter to his wife. But he did not realize without her children, her corazon, the love letter was incomplete. I cannot wait to show you both Haven Training Center and Haven Kids Center!

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