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Member:: Norman Yousif
1508 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 Work Phone: 760-699-7402 Website:


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About Our Retail Medical Dispensary in Vista and Palm Springs, CA

As a family-run establishment, we always strive to put our customers first. We are committed to high-quality products and outstanding quality of service, exhibiting the hard work and drive needed to go above and beyond for all of our customers.

Only the Highest-Quality Marijuana Products

We only want to give patients the very highest-quality cannabis products. Our goal is to help patients get healthy and happy as quickly as possible, and to help them reach that goal we invest in only the finest products. When you walk into Off The Charts Cannabis in Vista and Palm Springs, CA you can be assured that anything you buy is going to meet our extraordinarily high standards.

A Knowledgeable, Helpful, and Caring Staff

We know not everyone with a medical card is a marijuana expert. That is why we employ a knowledgeable, helpful, and caring staff that is ready to answer any and all questions you may have. Not only do we try to steer you towards the best product for your specific needs and preferences, but we also aim to make sure every single customer leaves the store satisfied. We are a family-run business, and our goal is for every customer who walks into our Vista location feels like family.

Medical Dispensary Vs. Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Off The Charts Cannabis is a medical dispensary, meaning that you need a medical marijuana card to make a purchase at our Vista location. While recreational marijuana is now legal and you can find various recreational marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, a medical dispensary sets itself apart by offering patients a number of perks they cannot find at a recreational dispensary. Patients at Off The Charts Cannabis will find higher potency marijauna, lower costs and taxes, and higher quantity limitations then they would find at a recreational dispensary.

Another perk of visiting a medical dispensary versus a recreational dispensary is the type of customer service you receive. The staff at recreational marijuana dispensaries are not permitted to offer customers medical advice of any kind, as they are usually not trained and educated about medicinal marijuana. At a medical marijuana dispensary, the staff can answer any and all questions you may have, as they have put in the work needed to become medical marijuana experts by attending various certification courses and seminars. At our medical marijuana dispensary, you are in good hands.

Off The Charts Cannabis Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Vista and Palm Springs, CA

If you live in Vista and Palm Springs or close by in Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, or even Solana Beach and Encinitas, stop by Off The Charts Cannabis today! We offer high-grade medical marijuana to our patients at a reasonable price, doing everything we can to make your visit a pleasant one. To learn more, contact us today by calling (760) 330-9599.

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