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Member:: Nick Avol & Keith Springer
290 W. San Rafael Place Palm Springs, CA 92262 Work Phone: 760-464-0199 Website:


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The Palm Springs dispensary that provides the good stink for you!

At Stinky Leaf, we maybe a little quirky, maybe a little different, but, we’re a lot of fun! Come on by and get a whiff of our wide range of cannabis products including all-natural flower, vapes, edibles, CBD, accessories, travel-friendly tidbit cannabis products, and much more.

Have you ever made THAT face? You know the one. Whether you’ve caught a light subtle scent while walking down the street, or that strong pungent goodness when opening up a fresh jar of newly packaged cannabis, you know you couldn’t help but squint your eyes and crinkle your nose. There is nothing like that all too familiar smell of Earth’s gift of goodness that makes you smile every time while making that “stink” face. That beautiful look is what we here at Stinky Leaf live for…to see on every unique face and personality that celebrates “fweedom” and individuality at the same time unites us with the same appreciation for this marvelous plant that has helped us all in so many different and amazing ways.

We believe that no matter your background or where you come from, you should always enjoy the smell of something that “stinks” so good. That’s why we’re Stinky Leaf! We take pride in the good stink, and how that intoxicating smell can be enjoyed by all people, together.

Can’t make it to the party? No worries. We are so stinkin’ happy to also offer cannabis delivery services to Palm Springs!

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290 W. San Rafael Place Palm Springs CA 92262

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