Welcome to the official website of the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs.  With over 450 stars bearing the names of well-known celebrities and notable local personalities, the Walk of Stars is a must see in Palm Springs.  Enjoy exploring and learning about one of the world’s most famous sidewalks.  This is the only website sanctioned by the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, which administers the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs.

Have a star in mind you would like to nominate?  Download the most recent application, criteria and frequently asked questions here.

Walk of the Stars Palm Springs Criteria



A Meritorious Star will be considered for applicants who have greatly distinguished themselves with altruistic deeds and significant contributions to their city, state & country. The honoree should have received national or international recognition in the form of honors or awards. The honoree should be widely known by the general public to have helped alter the lives of people locally or internationally, or have had a significant positive effect on mankind, or the health and well-being within the community.

Examples: Jackie Lee Houston, Harold Matzner, Steve Chase


Show business people who have distinguished themselves as actors, producers, directors, playwrights, cinematographers, musicians, either on Stage, Radio, Film, and/or Television, as well as people who have otherwise become prominent in the field of Entertainment. Each applicant in the field of entertainment should have been recognized by their peers, received significant honors and awards for their achievements, and be known or recognized internationally in their industry.

Examples: Frank Sinatra, Trini Lopez, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley


Those leaders in the field of architecture and art who have helped shape the look and feel and character of Palm Springs on a national or international level, and whose works have been recognized on a national or international level. The nominee must have contributed to creating the unique style that Palm Springs is known for internationally.

Examples: Hugh Michael Kaptur, John Edward Lautner, Michael Costello, Arthur Elrod, Ed Thrasher


A star will be considered for those nominees who have had a distinguished career in the military. The nominee must have achieved Flag or General Rank in one of the United States Armed Services. They should also have received significant personal recognition for their military accomplishments and be the recipient of a Congressional Medal of Honor; the Army Distinguished Service Cross; the Navy Cross; the Air Force Cross; Defense Distinguished Service Medal; and/or The Silver Star.

Examples:  General Patton, General/President Eisenhower


A Meritorious Star will be considered for community members who have been prominently and historically linked to the development of Palm Springs such as early settlers, tribal members, and civic personalities with significant achievement who have distinguished themselves in the service of the community. Elected City of Palm Springs officials must be out of office one year to be eligible for nomination and must meet the criteria.

Examples: Richard Milanovich, Frank Bogart, Nellie Coffman


A star will be considered to those who have had a high level of success in the field of sports and have been recognized by peers in their field. They must have been honored on a national or international level and received awards and honors from their peers for their achievements.

Examples: Timothy Bradley Jr, Arnold Palmer


A star will be considered for authors, playwrights, screenwriters or persons who penned literary works of considerable distinction, including those who have achieved national or international recognition in the field of writing with awards or special merits. A nominee should be recognized by their peers in their field and must have received awards for their achievements in the category selected for the application submitted.

Examples:  Daryl Ponicsan, Truman Capote

Special Category

Corporate Name Sponsorship Star: $100,000 (All Corporate Sponsorships must be approved by the City Council)

Submission for Mail-in Below

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Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

190 W. Amado Palm Springs, CA 92262 

Electronic Submission

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Walk of the Stars Criteria

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